EAA Chapter 326 Young Eagles

Please enter your information in the form below to reserve a flight time for your child.

Flights are scheduled every 30 min and by pre-scheduling your child you can ensure a smooth experience when you arrive at the airport.

By entering an Email address we will send you a reminder email for the event with all the event details and your registration time.

The Time Slot is the Hour of the day you wish to arrive for your flight. Please arrive on time for your scheduled time slot.

The Young Eagle must be 8 to 17 years old.

If you can't find the time slot you want because they are full you may select the wait list and we will contact you when a slot opens up.

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To cancel or change your scheduled time or for questions please email youngeagles@eaa326.org

Please give us the name of the child you are scheduling and the time slot in question.